Undergraduate Advising


I am happy to advise undergraduate students from a variety of fields and backgrounds. My undergraduate advisees have gained first-hand research experiences in different areas, explored highly interesting applications leading to original research, and won research awards. My undergraduate research advising has been spotlighted by the Center for Undergraduate Research. For students who would like to work with me on research, please contact me with your cv or resumé, your academic preparation so far, and a brief statement of research background and interest.

Advisor, Undergraduate Student Research

John Higgins (2019-2021)

Ivan Davidson (Summer 2018)

Megan Nelson (2013-14)

Joshua Dean (2012-13)

Matthew W. Dunlap (2009-10)

Kedar S. Kulkarni (2003-04)

Advisor, Honors Thesis Committee

Chair, Honors Thesis Committee

John Higgins (2019-20)

Kedar S. Kulkarni (2003-04)

Member, Honors Thesis Committee

Megan Nelson (2013-14)

Supervisor, Field Research

Supervisor, Field Research

Original source data collection from the National Archives of the United States

Externally funded research (Sloan Foundation; National Science Foundation)

(2012-13; 2014-17)

Alec Bachman

Jeremy Barclay

Chad Brown

Natalie Craig

Brian Danley

Saran Davaajargal

Daniel Hilliard

Austin Johnson

Ian Lally

Ryan King

Chris Lansford

Megan Nelson

Grace Phillips

Jonathon Sestak

Weston Simmons